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Default Re: Most hated Bulls player/coach of all time?

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
There you go being sensitive again. What is your problem??? Big whoop he is from chicago, if he were from New Hampshire you wouldn't really care what his personal issues happened.

Stay on topic. His time with the Bulls. That's what the discussion is about. Curry, no he didnt pull a LeBron or Dwight, but him refusing a heart test was selfish and not team first attitude. And I'm not so sure he would get free meals around chicago, he ain't Ditka. He ain't Pippen. He didn't briny anything to the city of Chicago that is worth mentioning.

You're getting mad because he is from Chicago and a couple of us have him on our hate list. Guess what, I'm not a fan of Wade either, don't care where he's from. Dont appreciate his attitude towards the Bulls or the way he strung them along during FA when he knew what was going to happen all along.
1. If it's not big to you then fine but it is big to me. I know what he went through to become successful in basketball. If you can't appreciate it then fine, but many Chicagoans such as myself respect that. It's not rocket science.

2. As a Bulls he played 3 seasons. One he sat, the other he was injured, and another he led the league in FG%. Not bad at all. He didn't exactly stink like say Marcus Fizer.

3. I could care less if you like Curry, Wade, or Homerunn Inn pizza I'm just stating my POV. Just because I debate with fervor doesn't mean I'm getting mad irl buddy.
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