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Default Re: David Falk says 2012 is a one-player Draft

Obviously I'm biased, but you really have to watch him play a lot to really appreciate why he's getting those comparisons. Obviously he gives you the highlight blocks and dunks, but it's the little things that make him a truly elite prospect.

The first is his ball control, which is phenomenal for someone of his size and length. He has almost no awkwardness in his game, he plays EXACTLY like you would expect a guy who was a guard all his life and suddenly grew 8 inches would play. This is the kind of thing that doesn't show up in the stat sheet, you see it when he chases down a rebound in the corner or catches a bad pass. He does this regularly, I've never seen anything like it from someone so young and big.

Next is his instincts. I'm not kidding when I say I struggle to remember one time this season when he made a bad decision. Even a guy like MKG, who I also watched every second he played, would often make mistakes or have mental lapses. There was virtually none of that from Davis, his composure and awareness in all situations is amazing. He THINKS the game at such a high level, and that combined with his physical gifts are very rare.

As the season went on, he was asked to take on a larger offensive responsibility, and he delivered. He looks completely natural in everything he does on that end as well, from shooting to putting it on the floor. He DOES have a wide variety of post moves, and finishes easily with both hands on layups and jump hooks. Cal even had him talking all technical free throws the last few months of the season, over guys like Miller and Lamb. This game I think is a good representation of what his potential is offensively. Focus on the ease with which he pulls off these moves, and how that will translate going forward.

IMO, the only thing not NBA ready about him right now is his strength, which will be addressed in his first couple years in the league. He'll get pushed around a little bit, no doubt. But his length and instincts will make up for a lot of it.

Again, I know I am biased. I will say I felt almost the opposite about Wall when he was here. Obviously he was extremely talented, but he rarely dominated games and made many mistakes. I never saw him as a Wade or Rose type, and said so at the time. I am much more confident about Davis, I would be shocked if he's not the best 4 in the League for at least half a decade. I think he's an Ibaka/Aldridge hybrid.
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