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Default Evaluation on SG Prospects

From what I've so far in this draft process, I think no other player with legitimate potential is being overlooked more than Terrence Ross.

Here's just some of the SG prospects rated ahead of him - Beal, Lamb, Rivers, Barnes(if slotted at SG), and on some boards, Wroten and Waiters.

Let's start with Rivers cause he's simple - he's a ball dominant player who can't even score at a high enough clip and efficiently enough to justify it and is pretty limited athletically. My roommate's a big Duke fan so I saw enough to be a huge doubter.

Barnes has the mental fortitude of a peewee league player and all he can do is literally spot up and shoot and can't create his own offense.

Lamb, I personally like skill-wise and I can't critique too much because I admittedly haven't seen much, but he seems to show disinterest a lot of the time and made it hard to tell with one of the most selfish backcourts that I saw in UConn along with UF....

Which brings me to Beal. He should've been more assertive over chuck-happy Walker and Boynton and he is a great rebounder for his size, but holy crap is he being overrated. I think he's a terrific player but many people/sites have dubbed him as similar to Ray Allen. Beal has no where near the offense creating and 3 point shooting ability that Allen had.

TERRENCE ROSS is a legit 6-7, and though he showed some passiveness throughout the season, he showed how dominant of a scorer he can be at the NITs by scoring at will, averaging a good deal over 20. He also had to deal with a selfish teammate(s) like Beal and Lamb in Wroten who can't run an offense. He's a terrific rebounder like Beal (why does Beal get credit for this but not Ross?), a better 3 point shooter %age wise than those guys. At the 2 guard, Ross will have a big size advantage over a lot of guys in the NBA, and though his handle has a good deal to be desired, his size will allow him to make up for it in the post. Also, watching this guy, he's a terrific athlete who uses his size and length to be a ferocious defender.

If I'm a GM, I'm looking at Ross at least on par with Beal and Lamb.
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