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Default Re: Evaluation on SG Prospects

Originally Posted by ukfan22
Well, Ross is a year older. If you look at his freshman stats, they are nowhere near as good as Beal's were this year.

But I think both are excellent. Beal gets Ray Allen comparisons because his form is picture perfect, although his shooting percentage this year don't necessarily reflect it. His body is also NBA ready.

What do you think of Doron Lamb?

I like Lamb a lot, he is an amazing shooter. That alone should at least guarantee him a roster spot. I haven't really seen much of him outside of the NCAA tournament but he seems to be a capable point guard as well (capable, not good). I'm not sure what his exact measurements are, but I always thought he looked a little on the short side too.

From what I saw, he's not that impressively explosive and isn't the best finisher around the hoop, so I would think he would be a late first/very early second, but teams need shooters like him so he'll get a lot of burn... I think he'll end up being a steal and a good role player but not a star by any means.
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