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Default calm down

Guys clam down I think the OP was referring to the plain attribute of athleticism when comparing the two.

However, athletically I believe they are about the same though Scottie has both more body control and footspeed.

Rudy has slightly better hops and if i'm not mistaken he'z a bit stronger physically.

I'm a Uconn fan at the collegiate level and I've experienced watching Rudy at least 30+ times throughout his first two years, and believe me he's not going to be NEARLY as good as Pippen.

Still going to be a solid pro, a poor man's combination of Tayshaun/Lewis/Butler/GeraldWallace/Pippen/MarvinWilliams/JumaineJones.
Producing 19/6/3/1.5/1.5 throughout his career, (optimistic)

But the knocking on his mental attitude is ridiculous. Yes we know he'z soft but the mental aspect of a player ISNT EVERYTHING as idiots like geewhiz have claimed. IMO that's not as much of an issue as his overall skill. Rudy's midrange game is suspect at times and his ballhandling, which should be the main forms of criticism, not his competitive desire. Plus anyone who thinks he's a lazy guy is clearly mistaken. His work ethic is one of the tops in all of college and you could see the steady improvement throughout his college career, plus he TRIES on defense and hustles (sometimes.)
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