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Default Re: Increase vertical quick

Originally Posted by pauk
There is no such thing man, leaping ability is mostly biological/genetical.... its genetical fast-twitch muscle strings/ligaments/tendons in hips, knees and ankles which sepparates a 50" inch leaper from a 30" inch leaper who have done the exact same training their entire life...

I have a friend who is 5'11" and dunks on a 10 foot rim like nothing... he has never played any basketball or sports really and is very skinny, all he does is jogging....

What you can do is workout and get the vertical leap to the best of YOUR genetical ability.... and that you can do by doing plyometrics, sprints and squats...

But you CANT increase the power/size/ability of your fast twitch strings/ligaments/tendons to ever increasing heights... that there is genetical.... there is a limit in all of us.... just like you cant make your bones grow and become taller.........

Trust me when i say just simply play basketball, work on your game, skills instead.... that you CAN improve to ever increasing heights... THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW SKILLED YOU CAN BECOME, BUT THERE IS A LIMIT TO HOW HIGH YOU CAN JUMP....

Good sentiment, but maybe just worded a bit uncarefully. If you can't increase the power of your fast twitch fibers (power which is generated through how much tension you can make them create through signals from your nervous system), then how do athletes all over the world increase their vert? If one cannot increase the size of your fast twitch fibers (the muscle fibers which actually have the GREATEST potential for growth), then how do bodybuilders (I hate this <-- example, but...) and strength athletes gain ROCK HARD physiques? It's not all genetics man. Genetics, while it's true that you DO have a ceiling, is just a fancy excuse for people not to do what they can or SHOULD.

miggy: Well, I don't dunk (yet) but I'm able to consistently grab rim because I got STRONGER through a solid weight training program of compound exercises and also more EXPLOSIVE because I also do some Power Cleans (a GREAT olympic lift, and olympic lifts are some of the best exercises for vert increase) and hill sprints. I'm still on the way there, as I said, but I hop to be dunking by July. I just have to focus a bit more on training for the jump, because I'm currently training in order to gain muscle, cut fat, and be more explosive at the same time. It IS possible to do everything at the same time (don't let anyone else tell you different), but of course, when concentration is spread, it'll come at a more "balanced" (I don't like using slower) pace. Here's to getting better.
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