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Default Re: Yea....scratch that.

Originally Posted by chairman
Lol do you think Wade is the only player to give out shoes and have camps? The Guy is clearly a douche bag who thinks he's better then everyone else. My friends saw him at a mall in Chicago and he told everyone to leave him the f@&! Alone.
1. No. But my family has lived in Roseland for decades and he's the only one I can remember giving ANYTHING to the kids. What have YOU done for those less fortunate than you?

*Mind you, many NBA players throw camps that cost HUNDREDS to attend.

2. Clearly a douche? Thinks he is better than everyone else? You sound like a butt hurt ex-girlfriend.

3. Sometimes I feel like telling people to leave me the #$%^ alone too. I would, even more so if I had people hanging all over me when I'm trying to do simple everyday things. Again, isolated incidents and your opinion don't make him a bad person.

4. You have yet to bring forth any concrete HGH/PED evidence. I am interested in seeing it (if it exists).

5. Michael Jordan was arrogant, he told people to eff off, and he yelled at coaches and FOUGHT teammates. I guess we should all hate him too.

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