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Default Re: Who's your team?


Born and raised in AZ The team just finally started to really grow on me around 5-6 years ago, especially once they built the new nice ass University Of Phoenix Stadium and really started to turn the franchise around. I never was much of a football fan when I was a kid. All I ever cared about was Basketball. The Cardinals were always a perennial loser team that didn't even seem like they tried to win, so I practically hated them for the majority of my youth, and put all of my sports attention into the Phoenix Suns.

But once Bill Bidwell passed power to his son Michael Bidwell they really turned a new leaf. You can tell Michael Bidwell actually cares about winning championships unlike his dad who only cared about being a cheap ass to try to make more money. Once the new stadium was built it was like the Cards were starting over and making a new identity for themselves. They brought in an all new coaching staff headed by Ken Wisenhunt, who brought in a winning mentality to the team. And it really caught my attention.

Then I finally really started watch the team on a regular basis once Kurt Warner started turning back to his old self passing to the awesome duo of Larry Fitzgerald+Anquan Boldin. And from there, my interest in football really started to rise and I became a season ticket holder and luckily got to support my team at the Super Bowl the first year of being a ST holder, it was an awesome experience.

I've been completely addicted to football ever since, and love it just as much as Basketball now, maybe even more. I just can't wait for next season to start... there's too much offtime in the NFL. lol I hella miss football season, this offseason is killing me!

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