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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on ISH--

inb4 Circle Jerk Krew

Lebowsky, LJJ and jamal99 have a bright "European" intelligence. yes, European intelligence
RidonKs seems very intuitive and quick, same with Vapid even though they are very different from each other in other aspects.
J$ clearly has huge talents at least in terms of verbal intelligence.
Boozehound, heyhey, and rufuspaul seem to have brilliant all-around smartness.
ZeN is way more intelligent than most people seem to think.
Jailblazers, it's very difficult to disagree with whatever he says, very self-composed and sensitive.
And yeah, it takes intelligence to always come out with perfect one-liners like B-Low does.

I would also like to mention sawyersauce who looked outright smart and cultured in his few hundred posts.
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