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Default Re: Jeremy Lin not guaranteed to stay with Knicks, says agent

Originally Posted by Rameek
If not now then when? Again the grass is greener mentality.

Go into another year with an ever changing roster. The Knicks are too dysfunctional with major turnover every year with coaches and roster.

At some point their needs to be continuity. If this team plans to be a contender anytime soon they need to develop talent and get a team that can play together.

The roster is going to change but I rather them keep a potential starting 4 to get things rolling ASAP.

It's not the grass is greener mentality with me. I've complained year after year about stop gap solutions and roster changes. That doesn't mean I'm going to spend what little money I have on a guy I'm not sure of. I'm in total agreement about getting a young guy and sticking with him. I feel the same way about the coaching staff. I'm just not sure Lin's that guy. Some douche was posting in the ESPN comments section about which PGs are better than Lin and vice versa. I thought I'd make a list. U means guy is better than Lin, or an upgrade over him IMO. D means the guy is a downgrade from Lin IMO. E represents a guy who's about even in talent.

Rondo-U- not a fan of his at all but I'd be lying if I said he isn't better.
Bradley-E- way better defensively. Not sure he can run a team yet.

Williams-U- no brainer. Top 3 PG in the league IMO

Jrue Holiday-E-I'd rather Lin but their games are about even.
Lou Williams-E-He can really light it up but whats his true position?

Jose Calderon-E-He puts up 8 dimes a game and he lit Lin up but I still think Lin is as good as him
Jerryd Bayless-E-I've always liked his game. Sucks he's stuck in Toronto.

Derrick Rose-U- I think this is obvious. Lin can't hold his jock strap.
CJ Watson-D- Had a good year but I think Lin is better than him

Kyrie Irving-U- Clearly better and younger. Will be a top 5-10 pg soon if not already

Rodney Stuckey-E-About even. Stuckey is very inconsistent though
Brandon Knight-D-I guess he's the starter now. I like Lin better. I never likd Knights game, even in Kentucky.

George Hill-D-Solid guy who won't make many mistakes but the Heat series is proving that he may just be a solid career backup.
Darren Collison-E-Playing realy well in the Heat series. Can't figure out why he's coming off the bench. About even with Lin although Lin is the better scorer.

Brandon Jennings-U- He's erratic and it's frustrating but he's better than Lin.

Jeff Teague-U- a slight upgrade but an upgrade nonetheless.

DJ Augustin-E- I'd rather Lin but their games aren't far apart.
Kemba Walker-U- Bobcats stunted his growth as a player. No way should he be splitting time with Augustin. His J needs to get better but you can't teach that quickness, handle, instincts and clutch gene. You either have it or you don't. He does.

Norris Cole-D- Lin is better than him. I would have loved to get Cole in the 2nd round last year though.
Mario Chalmers- D- Lin is definitely better than him although he intimidated Lin and got the better of him when they played each other.

Jameer Nelson-U- I don't get why people hate this guy. He can ball. I'd love it if he was the Knicks PG for the right price.I'd do a Dwight and Nelson for Amare and Chandler deal in a heartbeat.

John Wall-U- not for long if he doesn't get a jumper. That said, he is one of the fastest players in the league and already a phenomenal passer.

Jason Kidd-D-At this stage in their careers, Kidd is a definite downgrade and represents the type of stop gap guys the Knicks always fall in love with.
Delonte West-E-His off the court problems distract from the fact that he can really ball. He'd be a cheap option this summer that we should look at.

Goran Dragic-E- This one is tough. Some night they look even but some nights Dragic looks better. I'll keep it at even.
Kyle Lowry-U-I NEVER thought he'd be this good. He was the 3rd or 4th option at Villanova. He worked his but off though. He's a fiesty defender and a solid pg. Him and Shump in the backcourt would be a stiffling defensive weapon.

Mike Conley-D- I like Lin better. I think Conley is erratic and overrated.

Jarrett Jack-D- Jack will make less mistakes but probably less impactful plays also. See George Hill.

Tony Parker-U- My pick for MVP this year. I think I rest my case

Ty Lawson-U- His series vs LA cemented my opinion about Ty. He's the real reason the Nuggets appear better. He was sitting behind Chauncey when Melo was there.

Ricky Rubio-E- I think Lin is better but only slightly. Lin's injury wasn't nearly as serious so I'd take Lin.

Raymond Felton-E-Unlike my dad, I don't think he's an upgrade but I do think they are about even. Felton was second only to Diaw in guys who completely blew up in the offseason.

Russel Westbrook-U-Not a fan of his but c'mon...clearly better than Lin.

Devin Harris-D-I've defended this guy for years but he's just never gotten better. Basketball IQ is severely lacking and if you don't have it at 29, you probably won't ge it.

Steph Curry-U- Only question is his health. When he's on the court, he's clearly better.

Chris Paul-U- Is an explanation really needed?

Ramon Sessions-D- Came up suprisingly small but I think it's in part because Brown keeps playing Blake in crunch time. I feel like this guy has been a Knick for years seeing how he's always being talked about here lol

Nash-U-He's better, but I'd rather develop Lin. not a knock on Nash. He's a HOFer and still has some juice in the tank but long would he be a Knick? A year, maybe 2 tops?

Isaiah Thomas-D- Kinda gace it to Lin when they played. Hes a downgrade but not by much. This guy was the last pick of the draft. These are the guys we should be targetting by trading Toney Douglas
Jimmer Fredette-D- remember him. Just thought I'd bring his name up out of oblivion.
Marcus Thornton-D-A big time scorer but I don't trust his ability to run a team. He's really a 2 guard in a pg's body.

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