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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by LJJ
His wife is Brazilian. ;)

Ajax is looking to cash in on Vertonghen and Van der Wiel this offseason.

Ah, that makes sense then. Seedorf is a class act and a great player...always liked watching him.

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
I had heard like a rumor of a rumor was starting to circulate a little that Dempsey could head to Man City? Where the fuck did that come from? I knew about Liverpool and Arsenal looking but... Man City? Doesn't seem remotely possible.

Anyway. If you asked me in February where I thought Drogba was gonna be playing in the '12-'13 season I'd have said China. Now after the back half of the campaign I'm not so sure anymore that he'll be leaving Chelsea.

City is my favorite team and Dempsey is one of my favorite players but I don't want this happen. He wouldn't see much action and it would set his career back after an amazing season. I've read that possible locations for Dempsey are Roma, Milan, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton, Malaga, Sevilla, Valencia, and Schalke. I'd love to see him go to a La Liga or Serie A team that'll play CL next season.

I know he'd probably get huge money in China, but I think it's a mistake for him to go there. He's still a great player and has a lot to offer in the best leagues.

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
Supposedly, PSG has offered 25M to Real Madrid for Kaka (please, God, let it be true). Furthermore, they also may be looking into buying Higuain. However, both pieces have been reported by the Spanish media, so I'd take them with a grain of salt.

PSG really trying to throw that money around.... they'll probably get two of Kaka, Lavezzi, Pato, Higuain.

Originally Posted by brownmamba00
Hazard 2 Utd

It was a false report by ESPN. They got fooled by a website masquerading as Man U's official website.
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