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Default Re: Should JR Smith stick around next season?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Jr coming back at that option would be huge. He should start and not be asked to handle and create so much. As a 3rd option from the corner this guy would be deadly. If you put him in a position to always play as the 2nd/1st option then you know what you get there.

Thats the huge problem with JR.

He could be the best shooter in this league in that capacity.

Instead, he doesn't just go to the corner or anywhere on the floor and spot up and knock down 3's. JR always is looking to make the tough shot and rely on his athletic ability, instead of doing the most simple things like just catching & shooting the ball. This is why I think he's going to be a better/more valuable player when he's over 30 then in his "prime" right now at 26. Once his legs go, he'll have to compensate for it to keep his career afloat.
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