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Default Re: Jeremy Lin not guaranteed to stay with Knicks, says agent

I like the list and I agree almost entirely
I think Rubio would be a major upgrade though (never been high on him, but I think he proved doubters wrong showing he can be a factor in this league).

But I was wondering. I know you hate stop gap solutions, franchise; so do I generally.
But how much longer are we going to wait until the Knicks should be a legit contender?
I say 2 seasons MAX.
Melo is in his prime, so is Chandler. We are not Charlotte. We are 3-4 moves away from being a really scary team. If not next season, the following one we SHOULD be aiming at the ring.
That's why I think Nash can be a good piece for us, he can help us make a championship run now that we're almost at it.
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