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Default Re: Greek Basket League Finals: Panathinaikos Vs. Olympiacos

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
That showed how good OLY is . They had beaten PAO even though they couldnt hit a ft and Spanoulis played very bad , this showed that this team is great with or without Spanoulis ( ofcourse they are better with him ) .

Yep. They've got a great supporting cast. Printezis has been excellent and without him, they would have had no chance in EL. Also shows how much Spanoulis has been overrated by the media and his fans.

PAO will bounce back I'm sure. The series is far from over.

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Best team you ever seen in Europe ? This season CSKA is better than OLY and 2009 Barcelona and I m sure you have some others .

Yep, not even close to the best team in Europe ever unless someone just started watching basketball this year.
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