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Default Re: Jeremy Lin not guaranteed to stay with Knicks, says agent

Originally Posted by Rameek
Most of those guys were drafted or developed by that team. So your making my point.
Yea but Im sure all of their respective teams felt they would be the pg of the future n invested from there. Lin wasnt drafted by the Knicks so we have no obligation to him. We could trade/buy into the 1st round if we felt the need to... Then I would be proving your point. I think you feel like Im saying we should continue this carousel of pgs. No! i totally agree we should invest in a pg for the future. Im just not sold on that guy being Jeremy Lin and with the money he is about to potentially ask for, I want to be sold. I just dont want to give money away just because we need a pg. Thats how we ended up with Duhon. If thats the case, we could "invest" in douglas. Its like when I bought my car. I had a hooptie. It broke down. I new I needed a new one but I didnt just throw my money at the first shiny thing I saw with wheels. I did my hw, researched (scouted), and invested in a new car. Now, even tho it cost me way more than a used car would have, Im comfortable with my purchase because I feel confident it will get the job done for at least 4 yrs.
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