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Default Re: Should JR Smith stick around next season?

Originally Posted by franchize
I actually wish he'd use his athleticism more. He takes way too many jump shots. If he went to the hole more, he'd be way better. I think he fell in love with the three in China because who the hell was going to tell him anything different? He was killing it over there. If he went to the hole, how many people are honestly going to try and block him with all that vertical he possesses? This is the NBA, but guys still shy away from getting dunked on *cough Tyson Chandler cough*

True. Dominating the CBA didn't help.

You could tell with the China stint that he believed he was Carmelo when he came back. He was a way more explosive scorer in Denver than he was with us, we just got to see him showing off his 1 on 1 skills.

I mean we can speak on all the possibilities with his game, talent-wise he should be a top SG in the NBA if he just did what everyone wants from him. Attacking the basket, knowing where to be for an open 3 pointer, & of course staying focused on defense.

But this stuff is still awesome.

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