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Default Re: Yea....scratch that.

Originally Posted by Go Getter
How could he hurt Derrick's game? Wade passes the ball and defers to Lebron who handles the rock a lot. He makes big shots and plays good help defense. He rebounds. He is def. better than Bogans and Rip.

I just feel his presence in general would have a negative influence on Derrick. Some of it would be mental but even on the court I think there games would clash. I don't think Wade would treat Rose the same way he currently treats Lebron.

Wade is declining physically and the reasons for which this thread was started in the first place which is Wade's attitude and the type of player/person on the court he's turned into wouldn't match with how our locker room is. Don't feel like he would be welcomed into our locker room by Derrick, Deng, Noah and Co so that would go onto the court and it just wouldn't work in my opinion.
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