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Default Re: 2012 Offseason Thread:

“Mo’s a great player. The guy’s a former All-Star. He brought a lot to the team. There’s a lot of wins we had this year because of Mo,” said Olshey. “We have two different strategy boards up there we’ve talked about this. If Mo opts in, we’re a Mid-Level/Bi-Annual Exception team. If Mo opts out we’re a room team.”

“I think we got exposed a little bit with our size at the two,” said Olshey earlier on Monday. “I think we need to get more of a traditional two guard, one that can guard size.”

“We can get back into the deal making mode,” said Olshey. “We’ve got trade exceptions, we’ve got one-year contracts, we’ve got draft picks we can move and the most exciting thing is now we’re a destination.”

Further clarification with the league confirms that the Clippers can offer Billups 120% of last year’s full salary, including the amount paid by the New York Knicks.

Without Bird Rights, the Clippers would be able to offer Billups up to $17 million for next year which is far more than he’ll get from LA (or any other team).

Nick Young is in a slightly similar position. The Clippers can offer him up $4.4 million (120% raise) without using their Mid-Level Exception.

Eric Pincus, HoopsWorld

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