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Default NBA potential of Jared Sullinger

There are positives: Jared Sullinger has soft hands, a great feel for the game and an ability to power his way through taller defenders to find a way to score. Hes strong, smart, a throwback and mostly a winner.

But there are question marks, too: Sullinger isnt athletic enough, lacks explosiveness, is glued to the low post and is too small (6-foot-9) to play his style in the NBA.

So whats the truth about the big man from Ohio State?

Well, its likely somewhere in between, one NBA GM said. I think hes probably a little better in some areas than people give him credit for, and maybe not as good in some other areas. His physical skills are average, but he knows how to play in the low post in spite of it. So, make of that what you will.

-- Fox Sports Ohio
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