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Default Re: 2012 Offseason Thread:

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Okay. Here's the problem.

Clippers have 4 point guards.

1 superstar
1 great player
1 great, SAVY vet
1 good up and comin young blood.

Start moving some players.
Get a legit 2 guard closer. Another great guard to play alongside cp.

There's where you can improve.
Caron Is nice, dont get me wrong

But with the team the clips have, jst don't think it's a fit that will allow them to win.
Idk. Then again, I don't watch the clips like that

I'm curious, who's the great point and who's the savvy great vet?

Caron isn't a horribly bad fit, its just size that was an issue. Evans and Martin aren't big enough to play center and can't rely on Foye/Bledsoe at the duece.
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