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Default Re: 2012 Offseason Thread:

Originally Posted by qrich
I'm curious, who's the great point and who's the savvy great vet?

Caron isn't a horribly bad fit, its just size that was an issue. Evans and Martin aren't big enough to play center and can't rely on Foye/Bledsoe at the duece.

Lol; I guess they both fit both bills. Lol.

But SAVY vet was CB.

And mo was the grea player

Another thing. I LOVE KMART.

Dude is sick. Keep him and Evans. Great quality, energy bigs.
If Blake develops a post game.
That will take this team to another level.

That and a great, athletic wing player/2 guard.

Maybe if you guys trade mo Williams for iggy, granger, harden, Oj, rudy gay,Paul pierce, ray Allen.
A legit 2.
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