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Default Re: Greek Basket League Finals: Panathinaikos Vs. Olympiacos

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
This Oly isnt better than CSKA just because they won Euroleague because it was only one game . In 9 of 10 games this CSKA would beat them , when you say best team it doesnt matter if they didnt won Euroleague it matters that they were best whole season . So no this Oly isnt best team ever .

CSKA didn't play well against Panathinaikos or Olympiacos. It wasn't one game. It was 2 games in a row. If not for the refs saving them, they would have lost to Panathinaikos in the semifinal. CSKA are a great team. Olympiacos is better.

And like I said, CSKA of 2005 is the best team that didn't win the Euroelague title.

That being said, I would take the current CSKA over any NBA team except the Spurs in a 7 game series.

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