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Default Re: Greek Basket League Finals: Panathinaikos Vs. Olympiacos

Originally Posted by Euroleague
But Keselj and Gecevicius spent half the year not even playing. They are both good players though, especially Keselj. Law also helped Olympiacos a lot in the Top 16. I know you don't like him, which is understandable due to how he played with Partizan, but you have to admit that he was good in the Top 16.

He was terrible against Barca though. I won't count his bad game against CSKA because he was injured.

He's too injury prone though, even though I think he can develop a nice place in Euroleague. All these injuries are causing problems. He missed the Greek Cup final, got hurt during the Euroleague semifinal, is injured now during the Greek League Finals. He has to be more durable than that.
They spent half of the season not playing when everyone said that OLY might not even make top 8 but when they started playing they ended up winning EL ( ofcourse I m not saying they were the ones that made a diffrence but they are one of them ) . Law also got hurt in Partizan and didnt play against Maccabi , he rejected injection that would allow him to play . Reason I dont like Law isnt because he played bad , its not his fault he isnt good enough but he didnt even try . He was allowed to go to USA around New Year and than he refused to come back to Partizan . And before F4 he said that Ivkovic is great coach that showed him his role something that they didnt do in Partizan , than he said that its great to play with Spanoulis because he is great leader and Partizan didnt have a leader . If he didnt get that he was supoused to be player that will be the leader than that says something aboute his IQ but with things he said he also disrespected his old coach and teammeats .
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