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Default Re: Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
FO doesn't count zone targets apparently (if they didn't goof) and Carbine is fcking POSTER here who could easily be persuaded by money or even just bias...

he is also just an amteur stat recorder at best who gives stats based on what he thinks the CB did or didn't have control of...for instance he didn't record an INT for someone due to the fact it was a lucky tip that fell into the CB's hands...the idea of using Carbine or ANY poster here for a $500 pot bet is out of the question for obvious reasons....legit stat sites only

That INT wouldn't have any effect on the proposed bet. The quarterback didn't target Aso on that INT.

You guys are going to have to define the 42.5 as passes that aren't screens or passes completed behind the LOS or any and all passes caught or not.
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