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Default Re: Evaluation on SG Prospects

Originally Posted by kurple
No mention of John Jenkins? Amazing 3pt shooter..

Jenkins, D.Lamb and Kim English are the SG's I want the Nuggets to take a real look at (Jenkins had a workout in Denver yesterday)

All of them could become great roleplayers

Beal and J.Lamb got all-star potential, maybe even Ross as well. But they need minutes from the beginning and I'm not sure Ross will get that.

I would want Ross on the Nuggets (he also had a workout in Denver yesterday) if he wasnt so similar to Jordan Hamilton

Well here's the thing about Jenkins IMO (I'm by no means an NBA scout so this is just my opinion lol)

Yeah, like D.Lamb, he's a terrific 3 point shooter. But shooting and moving using screens is literally all he can do, so in that regard he'll be greatly influenced by the team's style that he gets drafted by. Also like Lamb, he's not a great finisher inside but at least Lamb has somewhat of a quicker slash move whereas Jenkins is pretty slow and can't do that. Jenkins is also overall less athletic and though I'm normally someone who thinks athleticism gets overrated, Jenkins is really slow laterally at even a college level, so that's really going to hurt him in the NBA. But like Lamb, his shooting should definitely find him a spot.

bysde82 - Yeah, Wroten was pretty ball dominant, he was basically another SG out there but he didn't perform well enough at all to justify the usage amount he was getting.
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