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Default Re: What do we do with Watson, Korver and Brewer?

I want Watson back. People dogging on him, after suffering a shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, and had to get a minor foot surgery in a single freak season baffles me. JL3 has got to go. Leave Watson on the bench, upgrade at the point.

Korver has made a lot of improvements. Even when he doesn't make shots, he provides a lot in other areas. You wont get a 3pt specialist like him, and comparing his stats to other 3pt specialists who STRICTLY do nothing but shoot 3s, is useless.

Brewer has been up and down since becoming a Bull. I love the guy's defensive energy and ability to cover at the 3, but he isn't a very good starting 3, and he isn't good unless he is comfortable. Something most teams wont allow him to get. Of these 3, I would let go of Brewer first.
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