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Default Re: Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions

GoBB he said in the email that he tells his counters to dismiss zone targets when they are inbetween the gaps, where PFF doesn' that would be the reason they have less, most zone passes are just dismissed by FO.

after he said that I then countered that by asking him why Asante (who plays tons of zone) has 61 by both sites, and he had no answer...leading me to think they just goofed on Nnamdi

He also mentioned Nnamdi playing saftey being a possible issue...

If you read the emails I also repeatedly mention that subjective stats are PFF's bread and butter...unlike FO...I don't know how PFF counts, I don't work there, HOWEVER I do know that these stats are the foundation of their existance, so them goofing on Nnamdi's targets would be VERY VERY unlikely.
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