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Default Re: Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
GoBB he said in the email that he tells his counters to dismiss zone targets when they are inbetween the gaps, where PFF doesn' that would be the reason they have less, most zone passes are just dismissed by FO.

Carbine counted zone targets and came up with 41. Yet PFF 47. How, where, when? Simple questions. All I care to hear answers for.

HOWEVER I do know that these stats are the foundation of their existance, so them goofing on Nnamdi's targets would be VERY VERY unlikely

And yet they arent the only source cited when it comes to stats. Funny.

How can you say them goofing on Nnamdi targets is very unlikely when you have no clue how they went about tallying up his targets????!

For all we know Nnamdi could have been credited for a target on a f*cking screen pass.

Until you show me how they define targets and how they went about Nnamdis? You're speaking French. All I'm asking is something simple. Email them.
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