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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by idizzle
Here’s the scoop: Selecting at No. 45 in next month’s NBA Draft, the Knicks aren’t going to find a point guard on par with Jeremy Lin. But the Knicks are sure going to see if 6-foot-2 Syracuse point guard Scoop Jardine can give them depth at a position in which the cupboard is virtually bare. New York

Today, the Knicks will commence their pre-draft workouts and bring in Jardine and another intriguing local product, Tu Holloway, the 6-foot point guard from Hempstead, Long Island, via Xavier. Holloway’s rep took a hit last season for his involvement in a fight against Cincinnati after which he said his club had “a whole bunch of gangsters.’’ New York Post

Tu is my guy.
Thats not necessarily true. Lin wasnt even drafted. The chances of us finding that player isnt great but it isnt impossible. Isaiah Thomas, the last pick of the draft, was one of the best rookies in the NBA
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