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Default Re: David Falk says 2012 is a one-player Draft

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
A lot of this is fair, particularly about the movement skills. One of the things I liked most about him this season was his ability to adjust to make catches. You can tell that his ability to move is elite.
But one of my issues with him is that ball skills I expected him to have based on the "was playing PG just a few years ago" narrative aren't really there. He's a good ball handler for his size, but not special. The jumper has some foundation, but it's not special. My thinking was a guy like Webber but less physical, and that's not really what I saw. He may be better than I expected physically and not so skill set wise.

I can very much see the Ibaka/Aldridge hybrid comp. Ibaka defensively and out in the open floor. Aldridge with the sort of mid post game based on quickness and length and getting up and being able to shoot over people. And I have no qualm with that guy going first in this draft or most others. Frankly you admit being somewhat biased, but based on some of the other things I've read I'd say you have a very realistic evaluation of the guy. But other places he's getting a label that makes me think they're expecting someone who really warps a defense, and that I don't entirely see.

He was almost never put in a situation where he had to dribble for an extended period of time, like an iso from the perimeter or bringing the ball up or something, so I don't know where you would get that. Whenever we did get an extended look at his handles, they looked good to me. And I strongly disagree about his jumper, the form is excellent and he looks very natural. Again, Cal had him taking all the technical free throws. I think his skill set is excellent for 19, higher than someone like KG at a comparable age. And it will only get better.
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