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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
How come teams work out so many maybe 2nd round pick type players? Do the top 20-30 or however many prospect not do these workouts or what. If you are looking at PG s why are you looking at those types instead of tony wroten Jared Cunningham types? Does it have to do with your draft position for who will. Ome work out
They have the NBA Combine. You work out 2nd round picks because they more than likely won't be invited to the combine. From the combine, you have individual workouts with guys you potentially could take. The high lottery picks have say-so in which ones they go to. For instance, the Knicks wouldn't invite Kyrie Irving for a workout because theres no way he'd slip to where they pick. If they did invite him, he would obviously say no. It's a waste of time, risk of injury and risk of draft position if some guy bust your ass. Furthermore, even if he did slip, the Knicks wouldn't need a private workout to tell them to pick him. I'm not sure about the NBA but I think the NFL has a limit on the number of times you can meet with a guy and the number of players you can have workouts with.

odom is interested in new york, i wouldn't mind giving him a chance. i think he thrives better when the camera's are on him
and he would be a better option over jeffries, as he can score better and still play good d

I totally agree. I've said it in another thread. I don't think last season was an indication of what he has left in the tank. I think he came in out of basketball shape physically and mentally. I think having to move to Dallas really took a toll on him. While I think he ultimately would like to live in LA, NY would be the best consolation prize. He's from NY and both him and his wife have family that frequents NY. I think Odom would be a great asset for our team for the right price. He not only brings rebounding, defense, scoring and ball handling but he can cut down Amare, Melo and even Chandler's minutes...thus keeping them healthier. You could very easily put a Melo, Amare, Odom front court out there and not give up much.
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