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Default Re: Yea....scratch that.

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I just feel his presence in general would have a negative influence on Derrick. Some of it would be mental but even on the court I think there games would clash. I don't think Wade would treat Rose the same way he currently treats Lebron.

Wade is declining physically and the reasons for which this thread was started in the first place which is Wade's attitude and the type of player/person on the court he's turned into wouldn't match with how our locker room is. Don't feel like he would be welcomed into our locker room by Derrick, Deng, Noah and Co so that would go onto the court and it just wouldn't work in my opinion.

A lot of conjecture here.

Wade adjusted his game for Shaq, then Lebron and why couldn't he do it here?

When Wade is on top of his game he is one of the best ever.....he held the Heat together this year and has a myriad of clutch moments under his belt (this year to boot).

He's not having his best playoffs, but neither did Derrick last year and we don't gauge Derrick off of one series do we?

Say you don't like the guy, say his attitude stinks, I can deal with that but I'm not going to sit here and agree with you talking crazy like a declining Wade doesn't shit on Rip/Brew/Korver and a lineup of:


...Wouldn't tear the league a new asshole.

Wade is TONS better than Rip and Brew and when you make an upgrade from serviceable starter to ALL NBA your team gets better.

Again, Scottie, MJ, Rodman, Sloan, Van Lier, etc were all hot heads and had drastic personalities to boot.

I love Scottie, he's one of my favorite players ever but we all know he was a pain and not going in the game because the play was designed for Kukoc and not him was some shit even my Little League team wouldn't due to their maturity and they are 7.

But we still love Scottie don't we?

*I care who we have on the team, but not really in the sense that I'll ALWAYS be a Bull's fan over any player and that goes for MJ & Derrick, and definitely double for D Wade.

I don't think D Wade is the answer to our woes at all but if a guy with that type of talent wants to play here you let him no ?s asked.

I don't necessarily like DeMarcus Cousins either but hey, dude might be the most offensively talented young center in the tell him "no" or do you give him a shot if he wants to be here?

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