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Post Re: What do we do with Watson, Korver and Brewer?

Right now the Bulls are on the books for approximately $75 million in 2012/13 if you include these three, but doesnít take Omerís extension into account. Luxury tax threshold will be $70.3 million, and I doubt Reinsdorf will approve going over this coming year. I think Brewer has the biggest chance to be gone, since Butler can easily fill his place for much less. Dumping Brewer gets us to $70.7 million, but that's only with 10 guys, two of which (Rose and Deng) will be out for extended periods of time.

So we need to add at least 4 guys Ė veteran minimum is about $1 million, so getting to $66 million (pre-Omer) is the goal. Iíd love to cut both Korver and Watson and re-sign them to cheaper contracts, but I donít know if they will go for that, especially if we wonít be in contention for a title next year.

Iíve thought for a while now that the Bulls need to trade/amnesty either Boozer or Noah to stay under the tax next season. Nobody really wants to get rid of Korver or Watson (esp. with Rose and Deng out). Iím not sure why the Bulls wonít amnesty Boozer, but thatís not for me to figure out. Getting Boozer/Noahís contract off the books will allow us to retain our current players (except Brewer), give Omer an extension, and have some room to sign vets to fill out the roster.
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