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i was doing a ton of core body stretches, about an hour every 2-3 days, for about three months before about a week ago when i bruised my ribs playing ball. these stretches are spectacular. i lucked into finding out about them, my dad sees a rather high-end personal trainer once a week and he took a spill over christmas, so he let me take his spot for two weeks.

i won't bother describing the stretches but they were unbelievably difficult to start, especially for somebody like me without much of a foundation. the way 'fred' described them, apparently in his experience (dudes been around), even some of the best athletes you know who train consistently will have trouble holding some of these yoga-style positions. i've confirmed that showing them to friends who consider themselves quite fit but could barely get through half the routine. it was really amazing feeling my body begin to build up those hidden core muscles making these steadily easier, even though the work-out still kills me when i do it in its entirety. also incredibly difficult to stop other body parts from subtly overcompensating and ruining the stretch.

since the rib bruise though, which is a bitch to heal what with breathing and sneezing and just about every upper body movement you might accidentally slip into, haven't been able to keep them up. so i've just been heavy into cardio of late, tons of jogging and biking.

right now i'm working towards a lengthy cycling tour, about 550k (montreal to toronto) in about two weeks. im getting nervous as the date approaches but i can feel my stamina already improving. most important i've gotta work on finding myself a reliable road bike to get me through, along with all the side equipment i'll require for the 5-6 day journey.

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