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Default Anybody still want to tell me that Magloire has no trade value?

Nene signs for $60 million
Wallace signs for $60 million
Mohammed signs for $30 million
Przybilla signs for $30 million

And now there are no centers left on the market. No more Hawks or Grizzlies fans saying "we'll just sign so and so for a quarter of his price." The past 24 hours have reaffirmed what I've been saying since the new board opened up - that average or better centers in the NBA have a ton of value, and teams have no choice but to pay the price they require. Fans here think that every single center in the league is over-paid, but GM's know better.

So now we've reached a point where Magloire is the only option left at center, and there are still several NBA teams that don't have one. Who still thinks he's undesireable?
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