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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

i've never been heavier than 155 at about 5"10 so calorie intake is not much of a worry, especially because in the summer im just naturally active. and thanks, i figured as much, knew where protein powder came from but i'm totally new to actually trying to figure out a truly healthy diet. i tend to just eat cheap which lends itself to a healthy diet regardless... just not a balanced diet. lol

another question: i'm looking for some high protein and cheap foods for my bike trip, stuff that doesn't require any heat as i won't be doing any cooking. so far my eyes are on lots of beans and i might try to suck up my age-old hatred of tuna fish and give it a shot... any other suggestions? and also general foodie tips for an extended 5-6 day trip with loads of energy being spent daily?
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