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Originally Posted by RidonKs
i've never been heavier than 155 at about 5"10 so calorie intake is not much of a worry, especially because in the summer im just naturally active. and thanks, i figured as much, knew where protein powder came from but i'm totally new to actually trying to figure out a truly healthy diet. i tend to just eat cheap which lends itself to a healthy diet regardless... just not a balanced diet. lol

another question: i'm looking for some high protein and cheap foods for my bike trip, stuff that doesn't require any heat as i won't be doing any cooking. so far my eyes are on lots of beans and i might try to suck up my age-old hatred of tuna fish and give it a shot... any other suggestions? and also general foodie tips for an extended 5-6 day trip with loads of energy being spent daily?
Some times you'll have to check labels on...

Certain Cheeses
peanut butter

Chicken breast if you can get it is aewsome for protein, lean, about 30 grams in a 3.5 oz breast.

Beef jerky
cottage cheese with some type of fruit (i know people who have mixed dark chocolate with cottage cheese)
protein bars
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