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Damn there's no way I can run 30 minutes straight. By the end of my last week though I was able to push out 15 minutes, might've been able to get more but my shins started to hurt like hell so I walked for a couple minutes and started up again.
hey, here's a stretch if you're inflexible re: touching your toes. when i used to run a year or two ago, i'd get horrible splints. i just started running again, just so happens after i implemented this stretch on a near-daily basis, haven't felt any pain whatsoever and i'm confident in attributing it to this stretch tho theres a possibility they're unconnected

you elevate your toes by about an inch or so with a book or something, and have a box or table or something in front of you, about 1-2 feet high with a hard flat surface (height obv depends on your flexibility). simple really, you just lock your knees and get your hands flat on the box in front and push down as hard as you can for five seconds, really feeling the strain on your calves. spring back up with your shoulders back, good posture, and your neck pulled back (as opposed to up) so that its straight with your spine, and your waist flexed outward so your back makes a slight curve. with all of those in place, you reach for the stars with your hands as high as you possible can, hold for five seconds.

5 reps, five sets... after that, i'm dead. i'd actually never comfortably touched my toes my whole life before starting this, now its easy.

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