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Originally Posted by Scholar
Now that I think about it, I'd appreciate it someone giving me advice on foods to eat.

I'm 5'10", 150 lbs. I'm trying to build muscle mass, so I've been munching on a lot of chicken and drink 2% milk lately.

I've recently started P90X too. Mid-way through the second week so no real visible results but do feel stronger.

Thought I'd give you an example of my grocery list and see if anything on it sounded like something you'd like to incorporate.

100% Whey Powder

Tuna fish (Sprinkle a little adobo on it and it tastes great)

Peanut Butter (only ingredients should be peanuts and salt)

Unsweetened almond milk

Egg whites

Turkey sausage (a little fat here but great protein)

Spinach (Vitamin K, digestive help)

Raw almonds (not salted)

Protein bars (watch for sugar here)

Salmon (I like the burgers)

Chicken (skinless, lean white meat)

Ground turkey

Strawberries and grapes (satisfy my sweet tooth)

Raw veggies

Good luck with your efforts. I know I'm enjoying the program so far.
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