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Originally Posted by Ketchup
I'm actually quite happy with my pullups now that I've seen a post like this, since I remember you being quite fit. I managed to get 17 dead hang pull ups out at the start of my workout last night. This at my current weight of 225lbs at 6'3.
I never really ranked my functional/bodyweight exercise strength that highly, though it's nice to know I'm decent.

Currently I'm just doing compound lifts at the gym since I've dropped around 15lbs now that I have no interest in playing rugby again. Since the drop in weight I've felt my numbers on the lifts go down slightly, so trying to get back to the same strength at a lower weight.

Bench: 4 x 6 of 265lbs
Squat: 4 x 6 of 315lbs
Deadlift: Pyramid until I reach 1 rep of about 480lbs.

Overhead press: 4 x 6 of 180lbs

Very impressive :)

Google 5/3/1 scale to get a guage of where you stand. Add 20 or 30 more pounds and you'll be at elite level broski. Currently at intermediate right now.. gotta buckle down and get strong!! gr

DamN I swear you aussies pack on strength so fast living in that perpetual VIt D climate and that lax lifestyle. FOo dprices are skyrocket high tho lol.
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