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Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Very impressive :)

Google 5/3/1 scale to get a guage of where you stand. Add 20 or 30 more pounds and you'll be at elite level broski. Currently at intermediate right now.. gotta buckle down and get strong!! gr

DamN I swear you aussies pack on strength so fast living in that perpetual VIt D climate and that lax lifestyle. FOo dprices are skyrocket high tho lol.

Yeah, don't know if my balkan genes have anything to do with it, but I pack on weight quickly. The reason I'm actually slimming down apart from rugby is due to back problems as well, so adding 20-30lbs isn't something I'd like to do since I've found the heavier I go, the more it seems to appear. While under 230lbs I've never experienced it.
Yeah, it's not exactly easy getting in 200g of protein in a day with the food prices, but I manage to get in about 120g before noon with a big breakfast and snack. Only good thing is that kangaroo meat is similarly priced to other meats and it's far better in terms of nutritional value for my goals. Protein rich, low carb and low fat.

I do need to get myself some whey protein though. Haven't had any in months, and it's hard getting all that protein from food.

Also, for anyone looking to add to their flat bench press numbers, look to start off with incline bench press first in your routine for about 4 weeks. Do it twice a week as well. After that I noticed a nice 10-15lbs gain in my max lift.
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