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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
How come teams work out so many maybe 2nd round pick type players? Do the top 20-30 or however many prospect not do these workouts or what. If you are looking at PG s why are you looking at those types instead of tony wroten Jared Cunningham types? Does it have to do with your draft position for who will. Ome work out
Teams workout so many 2nd Round/undrafted type players because these guys are who you call for Summer League to battle for a chance in Training Camp. You never know who might impress in those workouts. Look at what happened with Landry Fields. He was projected to go undrafted before we worked him out. We grabbed him in Round 2 and he ended up having had a better rookie season at SG than the #2 pick.

btw I'm certain that Cunningham and Wroten will get workouts with the Knicks sooner or later as they hear about their stock and teams interested in them. Most of these guys would love to play in New York City.

Both are combo guards working out exclusively at PG and it seems like the Knicks management is fully aware we should be looking for Guards.

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