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Damn, J$, I was expecting you to be a REALLY big-ass mofo. But yeah, stress, and LOTS of it, even with some good nutrition will really do you bad. We're roughly the same actually though, body-wise. I'm like 6 feet and at the same weight. I used to be 170 but I had a lot of fat. I was surprised I got down to 158 after a couple months of training hard. Got a little bit of weight back and mostly muscle. Got tested for body fat and it said I was 9.8% only, but somehow doubt coz I still can't see all 6 of my abdominals. Hoping to get back up to 170 lbs at the VERY LEAST. I started doing intermittent fasting (for those of you looking to lose fat or simply just an "alternative" way of getting healthier, I suggest you look at it) and of course, it's not your typical bodybuilding bulking diet, but it's helped me gain that 7 lbs in the last couple of months, along with my training.
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