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Originally Posted by Scholar
Now that I think about it, I'd appreciate it someone giving me advice on foods to eat.

I'm 5'10", 150 lbs. I'm trying to build muscle mass, so I've been munching on a lot of chicken and drink 2% milk lately.

2%?! GET ON THAT FULL FAT SHIT!! Honestly, right now, anything low-fat and man-made pisses me off. Low-fat diets are crap perpetrated by food manufacturers and pharmacies to keep you fat and unhealthy in order for you to buy more of their meds and "healthy" food. I think you know that already though, but yeah, just felt like rantin'.

You gotta get on some other meats man! Beef, pork, fish, whatever you can find. I honestly think it doesn't matter whether you get the lean or fatty cuts of the animal coz you can just add healthy fats through oils (coconut, nut oil, olive oil; just NOT any of those vegetable/palm/canola oil shit. That's gonna ruin your body). Plus you have to eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables. The live enzymes in them will help you digest whatever you eat even better, plus they're usually good, low-glycemic (but not necessarily low-carb; I honestly don't think it matters but if you're on that low-carb stuff, you could save the sweet fruits for night-time). One trick too when you're gaining mass is to get a bottle of olive oil or any healthy oil and just pour 2 or so tablespoons of that stuff on whatever you're eating. Adds in extra calories plus healthy fats are CRITICAL for creation of hormones that are important for building muscle. After you train too, for the next 3 hours, that's when you suck up food like a mofo. Make sure it's clean though. You can have SOME junk-ish food but keep it minimal. Honestly, I'd prefer you focus on your proteins and fats before you train, and then load up on the carbs after you train. I'm a firm believer that bulking and cutting is the wrong way to go, even if you're a bodybuilder. It just messes with your body too much for it to be good for you. You may not exactly feel it, but it'll catch up too.

Anyway, that's my 2 centavos. Sorry if I put you to sleep.
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