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Default Re: Highest Paid Basketball Players In Europe 2011-12 Season

Originally Posted by Sakkreth
Saras was clearly a steal this season then. It was a risk tho.

He did have a really good season. But he was horrible the last 2 seasons, and 3 seasons ago, he only played well at the Euroleague Final Four, and was bad the rest of the season. So it makes sense why teams were afraid to sign him, as you said it was a risk.

I guess he got his confidence back after playing at EuroBasket over the summer, and doing pretty well.

But this season, he was good in Euroleague, good in Greek Cup, and good in the Greek League. However, he has been pretty awful so far in the Greek League Finals. But, he's probably just tired due to age. Hopefully, he's not burnt out before the 2012 Olympic qualifiers start.

Still, he's playing way better than Nick Calathes is, but that's not saying much.

Supposedly, Sarunas Jasikevicius got paid a base salary of €220,000 euros net income this season from Panathinaikos. So yeah, all things considered, that he had a good Greek Cup Final game and a good Euroleague semifinal game, that was pretty much a bargain.

By comparison, Nick Calathes is getting €900,000 euros net income this season from Panathinaikos, and he has pretty much sucked for most of the season. Funny thing is that supposedly, the Mavs want to sign Calathes. The NBA is so funny, the way they covet guys like Dragic, Jennings, Lawson, Rubio, and Calathes that pretty much sucked in the Euroleague.

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