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Default Re: Kyle Lowry: It's Either Me Or Dragic.

he wants to be in a starting role. he's also right in the fact that dragic is a worthy starter in this league. i'm sure houston knows this and they have a decision to make.

the coaching aspect is what is interesting. a disagreement so bad that lowry feels he can't continue with him? mchale's burned a lot of player bridges in his short stint so i can't say i'm surprised but still. he really rubs people the wrong way with his weird substitutions and stubbornness. i still remember him playing love 20 minutes or less and i feel it was only because he wasn't a prototypical 4 that mchale is used to seeing it. it's ridiculous to play a player of love's talent 20 minutes or less. that's mchale for you though....he seems pretty inflexible.

lowry's contract has nice value so it's going to depend on what dragic gets on the market. i prefer dragic slightly but not if it's close to a max contract - maybe something in the mike conley range? portland, charlotte, orlando and indiana amongst a couple others could all give dragic a look. i actually think he'd be nice on indy. cut back on barbosa's minutes. dragic starts, DC backs him up. hill moves to backup SG like he was on the spurs. only thing that might mess that up is hill's size

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