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Default Re: Kyle Lowry: It's Either Me Or Dragic.

Originally Posted by ImmortalNemesis
Didn't read the article but so I don't know the context but I'll comment anyway. Is sad that Lowry is acting this way. I thought he was better than Brooks. Brooks reacted the same way when Lowry took his starting spot. I had a small hope Houston could keep both PGs, guess that's over now. Houston will trade Lowry and Martin if they can. I wouldn't surprise me at all if Lowry, Martin, and Scola are gone by the start of the season.

Lowry used to be one of my favorite players, sad that it has to end this way.

3 team trade

Lakers get lowry scola beasley
Hou gets gasol williams or wes john
Minny gets martin

who says no?

lol balls out u posted that while i was typing. seems like a no brainer move for all involved
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