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By no stretch of the imagination do I think Lin is a great player but he has potential. I do not want to go into another season as a fan with an incomplete roster. There is only a short window with Melo Stat and Chandler and by no means are they championship quality players. If Lin can be developed why couldnt he be a 2nd option or 3rd option scorer on a team. When reality hit that it was just Melo who could score it would have been nice to have a Lin available. Everyone wants Stat to be that 2nd option but if he cant defend and you cant depend on him to score difference making points well we've seen Lin do it in a small sample size.

If better is out there then fine get it but why let him go and have no one else? Then you get stuck depending on a Boomdizzle, Bibby, Toney Douglas type. I'd much rather have Lin logging the minutes and getting better. Part of development is taking a risk and the time to see what you have.

Its bad enough Shump is gone until December. Is it wise to go into next season with only Melo, Stat, Chandler, TD, Harrellson, Jordan? I think its wiser to have a starting 4 at worse and no bench than a starting 3 (PG a position not readily available) and no bench.

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