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Default Re: Should Miami be the favourites if they meet the Spurs in the finals?

Originally Posted by pmj
Actually, the biggest question is BY FAR the Heat's role players. Game to game, you never know what you are going to get, but when the Heat role players are hitting shots (especially the shooters), the team goes from very good to scary. This was the biggest difference in the team pre and post All-Star break.

In regards to talent level, umm are you serious? Spurs talent team-wise is unmatched.

I think that (traditionally) on the big stage of the Finals that stars must be stars and that role players follow the way the stars lead. SA stars (Duncan and Manu) are old and way past their primes. In addition, only Parker and SJax are Finals tested. Diaw, Bonner (choker) and the rest of the newbies (Leonard, Green, Splitter, Neal) are unknown quantities under pressure of the Finals.

When Miami's role players see Lebron and Wade playing out of this world, the pressure on them eases and they just have to contribute their small piece.

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