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Originally Posted by Rameek
Under different circumstances like he was a last piece to a championship run I would say go for it but that isnt the case and he will cost more than the knicks have to spend.

I don't know how viable of a claim this is - but weren't people saying that Nash would find the Knicks enticing due to the fact that he lived there? Also, I genuinely believe that with a true PG in Nash, we could be championship contenders considering the fact that our 2 bigs are heavily dependent on pick and roll opportunities and need to be spoon fed the ball.

Also, I'm not sure how the cap works but aren't we over and cap and only have the MLE, meaning that we only have the MLE to spend on either Lin, Dragic or Nash? I'd appreciate it if someone could clarify for me. I'd assume all the other possible teams Nash could go to to compete for a title are also over the cap so the money that he could get from them is also at max the MLE?
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